Professional Development Institute


One of Educare California at Silicon Valley’s distinct features is our teacher Professional Development Institute.

Research clearly demonstrates that teacher quality is directly tied to student success. Accordingly, Educare of California at Silicon Valley houses a Professional Development Institute to serve as a learning laboratory for Silicon Valley and Northern California’s early childhood education teachers, parents and other service professionals.

The Institute will offer resources and professional and career development activities, seminars, mentoring, observation and fieldwork.

In Santa Clara County alone, there are over 6,000 early childhood teachers who would benefit from the high-quality best practices being taught at Educare California at Silicon Valley. Our conservative estimate for the initial years of operation suggest we will impact over 5,000 children each year (600 teachers serving 9-20 children each = minimum of 5,400 children annually).

In addition to providing early educators access to professional development, Educare California at Silicon Valley is partnering with ESUHSD on the Career Academy to provide high school students interested in a career in early childhood education teaching experience in exchange for college credits.

Interested in learning more, or in setting up a visit? Contact executive director Lisa Kaufman at or (408) 573-4802.


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