buildingRenderEducare California at Silicon Valley is a laboratory for high-quality early learning for at-risk children and for teacher training. The school provides direct services to nearly 170 low-income children and their families, and houses the state’s leading early learning professional development and research institute.

Educare trains early childhood education professionals through a scientifically proven approach. The goal is to improve the quality of care and instruction in sites beyond the walls of the center, including K-12 schools.

The 28,000 square foot facility, located in San Jose’s Franklin-McKinley School District, contains a Teacher Professional Development Institute; learning technology for the teacher training programs; and twelve state-of-the-art classrooms, as well as multiple indoor and outdoor learning spaces to meet the developmental needs of children. The site also includes a resource center for families and the community.

Educare is built according to the same standards and requirements as a public school facility.  The construction budget was in line with the building costs for other new public school buildings in California.

Given the emphasis on teacher training, low student-to-teacher ratios, proximity to restrooms, supervision, play areas, and licensing requirement, it was deemed necessary to build a new facility. No existing public or private facilities were available to meet the requirements of Educare for its quality of design. classroom

Funding from public, private and philanthropic sources were secured for the $13 million Educare facility.

Co-locating with an elementary school provides strong linkages between Educare’s Professional Development Institute and model school, Franklin-McKinley Elementary School District, East Side Union High School District, charter schools, and local colleges. Educare California at Silicon Valley is catalyst for the addition of early childhood education at the beginning of the region’s K-12 education pipeline.

Educare California at Silicon Valley joins the national Educare Learning Network as California’s first Educare School.


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