Family Engagement

famengAt Educare California at Silicon Valley, teachers will work with children and their parents to develop pre-literacy and early math skills such as letter and number recognition, problem solving and counting.  Equal emphasis will be given to developing social-emotional skills: the ability to focus on a task, persistence, impulse control and cooperation with peers.

Central to Educare’s mission is the involvement of families in their children’s education and care.  Educare strengthens parents’ abilities to serve as champions for their children.

Community Investment:  Educare serves children, families, the broader community and the region through wrap-around family support services and parent training.



“The program has made me a better parent.  I can’t say enough positive things about the school, its program and its teachers.  The teachers are open and honest.  I didn’t want my children to struggle.  I wanted to give them a good education so they can succeed in life, and with Educare I believe they have a solid foundation to do just that.” – Mother, Educare Omaha



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