About Educare

Educare California at Silicon Valley currently serves 168 children ages 0 to 5 (with a future capacity to serve over 200) and their families in a model early learning school. It houses high-quality early learning classrooms, a family resource center, a satellite children’s museum, a career academy for high school students, and a professional development institute that will help us reach thousands more children in the region.


Opened in 2015, Educare California at Silicon Valley joins a coast-to-coast network of 21 effective early childhood schools. Educare makes certain that financially disadvantaged young children have the best opportunity for success in life. Educare’s comprehensive program incorporates what science says young children need to flourish. Our rigorous research shows that Educare works: the majority of our students enter kindergarten with the school readiness skills they need to succeed.


Educare brings the kind of early education that affluent kids get to an impoverished neighborhood. Educare comes at a time of high need as many low-income, mostly children of immigrants—especially Latinos in the Santee neighborhood of San Jose– are missing out on preschool, according to a new study of the area by the nonpartisan research group, the Urban Institute.




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